Many advice on getting closer to God????


Many advice. Here we go:

1) Pray. Talk to God all the time. 

2) Scripture. Read it. Memorize it. Do it. 

3) Love. Cultivate a love for God and a love for what He loves. 

4) Fasting. Stop eating for short periods of time so you can rely on God. 

5) Faithful. Don’t neglect reaching out to God every day. 

6) Sober. Be serious and watchful. Don’t get tricked by the deceiver. 

7) Counsel. Ask other people how they got closer to God. 

8) Church. Get in a local church and be faithful.

9) Worship. Bless the Lord with your voice and with your life.

10) Obey. Whatever God says, do it.

11) Repent. Stop all of the sin and do things God’s way.

12) Baptised. Get baptised in obedience with Jesus’ command.

13) Confess. Tell your sins to other people so that you can be healed.

14) Forgive. Forgive everybody who has ever wronged you. 

15) Tithe. Give to your church body. Support your pastors. 

16) Witness. Don’t shut up about Jesus. 

17) Respect. Esteem other people as more important than yourself.

18) Sacrifice. Give of yourself to help those in need. 

19) Transformed. Don’t be like the world. Become like Jesus. 

20) Religion. Help widows and orphans. Stay unstained from the world.

Going to church and being the church are two different things.


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16 weeks to the start of A levels. My heart is pounding.